drawing of house drawing of Swann and Johnson characters with speak bubble asking us? Admiral Ethylene lecturing Piggy throwing paper airplane Classroom. Omega with hand raised. Fat Elvis or revival preacher on knees begging
 caricatures of co-authors in paper bags

Howard Swann studied applied mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley, during the Free Speech days of the sixties; he received his Ph.D. in September, 1968. He spent a couple of years at Antioch College in Ohio and then returned to California. He has been at San Jose State University since 1970. He worked for many years in collaboration with cartoonist John Johnson on Prof. E. McSquared's Original and Highly Edifying Calculus Primer to produce the world's first Calculus Comic Book, now translated into Spanish and Japanese. The third edition - the Expanded Intergalactic Version - came out in 1989. His current research is concerned with contriving new computer algorithms for approximating solutions to partial differential equations and then persuading computers to perform as well as his theory says that they should.
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John Johnson drew his first cartoon shortly after he learned to grasp a pencil. Working professionally since the early 60's, he has received numerous regional and national design and illustration awards. John is able to visualize the characters within the mathematical concepts of calculus right down to dress style and personality. The Mathematical Association of America now regularly commissions cartoons from John.

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