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Book Reviews

The American Mathematical Monthly
"An energized fantasy world... it will delight both young and old."

Martin Gardner
"The Calculus book looks great. There has never been anything like it..."

Alan Sherlock, the Times (London)
"Incredible! was my first, disbelieving, reaction to this unique book... The mathematics ideas are extremely well and accurately presented... Highly recommended."

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McSquared leading the troops into the world of calculus book cover
THIS IS A GENUINE CALCULUS BOOK, specially designed for anyone who recalls a little high school algebra and is curious about seeing the peculiar way that mathematicians have wired calculus together. An added bonus - anyone who makes it through Professor McSquared's unusual course here will have a fearless start on the usual calculus text!
This introduction to calculus stresses understanding of the traditional epsilon, delta foundations of calculus and offers a concrete approach to the hardest part of differential calculus. It uses cartoons and analogy to bring the problems of understanding limits alive. It can be used to form a one semester introduction to calculus, as a supplement in a calculus course or for self study and review.
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