drawing of house drawing of Swann and Johnson characters with speak bubble asking us? Admiral Ethylene lecturing Piggy throwing paper airplane Classroom. Omega with hand raised. Fat Elvis or revival preacher on knees begging

See also, Dr. Swann's: "An energized fantasy world. . . not just for those who have been educated on a diet of cartoons, but for any beginning student who needs help dramatizing mathematical arguments. . . it will delight both young and old. Calculus will just never be the same again." -

"The calculus book looks great. There has never been anything like it. Lots of nonmathematicians and nonscientists would like some insight into calculus, I think, and wouldn't be frightened by this book the way they are by the usual calculus texts."
- Martin Gardner , Author of the "Mathematical Games" column for "Scientific American" as well as many books on Science, Mathematics, Criticism, and Philosophy, including, RELATIVITY FOR THE MILLIONS, THE AMBIDEXTROUS UNIVERSE and THE FLIGHT OF PETER FROMM.

"Incredible! was my first, disbelieving, reaction to this unique book. Having read it through again, I repeat - incredible. . . Throughout the authors have lavishly spread their humor. . . the mathematics ideas are extremely well and accurately presented. . . the main achievement is in the exceptionally understandable treatment matching the rigorous mathematics. Highly recommended."

"Perhaps the most original primer on calculus yet devised. . . a truely lively and unusual, not to mention precise, textbook. Only high school algebra needed as a background. . . A bargain for personal purchase."

"I think this calculus primer is excellently done. I found it very entertaining, and laughed out loud at many of the cartoons. The characters and content are superb."
- Harold Jacobs , Chairman of Mathematics, U.S. Grant High School, Van Nuys, California, and Author of MATHEMATICS: A HUMAN ENDEAVOR AND GEOMETRY

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